Sand production line configuration and perfect sand production process analysis

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Release time:2021-01-15

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The mine sand production line is composed of different sand production equipment. These equipments play a very important role in the sand production line. Sand production manufacturers can choose different equipment for configuration according to different process requirements. Sand production lines play an irreplaceable role in the construction industry, and can meet the quantity and quality requirements of modern industries for sand production to a large extent. The sand production line has the advantages of easy operation and simple maintenance. Therefore, it is generally accepted by people. The following summarizes the relatively perfect sand production line configuration and sand production process based on years of industry experience.

First, the configuration consists of sand making and sand washing. The sand and gravel production line is a special production line for the production of sand and stone materials for construction, highway, railway and other industries. The flow of the sand and gravel production line: (silo)-oscillating feeder-jaw crusher-sand making machine-counterattack efficient sand making machine-vibrating screen-(product stone)-sand washing machine-finished machine-made sand. The main configuration is a sand making machine and a sand washing machine, which can be called the golden partner in the sand industry. The sand making machine mainly crushes and reshapes the raw materials of sand to form sand;the sand washing machine removes impurities and cleans the formed finished sand to make the sand clean and free of impurities.

Second, the perfect sand making process. Sand is made first, and the sand and gravel production line generally includes crushing, screening, sand making, and sand washing. The first major link is to coarsely crush and finely crush the material. The crushing equipment in different sets of sand making equipment also has different configuration schemes. In the sand production line, the sand making machine is an indispensable main equipment. It is generally used for finer and more uniform shaping and crushing of the crushed stone, and the sand is washed after optimizing the particle size. In the process of sand and stone processing, due to the intense collision and the certain soil content of the stone itself, a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder will be contained in the artificial sand. The presence of mud powder will seriously affect the gradation of sand. In order to ensure that the surface of the stone is clean and make the finished product more marketable, the sand is processed by a sand washing machine after the sand is formed by the sand making machine. The sand washing machine makes the sand and impurities perfectly separate. It is useful in the cleaning process. The sand and gravel are washed out in a large amount, not only clean and free of impurities, even the shape is not deformed, and it fully meets the sand standard.

The above is our summary of the general configuration of the sand making production line, and the perfect process analysis. I hope to help your production. If you want to know more about the sand making machine, please consult our customer service staff. Welcome to visit our factory. 

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