Maintenance knowledge of sand making machine

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Release time:2021-01-18

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1. Regularly shut down and open the observation door to observe the internal wear of the impact sand making machine. The wear level of the center inlet pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner liners, circumferential guard plates, and wear blocks should be replaced or replaced in time after wear. When repairing and replacing the wear blocks, they should be replaced at the same time to ensure the same weight. It is strictly forbidden to open the observation door to observe the internal working conditions during the working process of the crusher to avoid danger. If the impeller body is found to be worn, replace it in time and seek repair from the manufacturer. Special attention should be paid to impellers without the consent of the manufacturer.

2. The tensioning force of the drive triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangle tape is evenly stressed. When driven by dual motors, the triangle tapes on both sides should be grouped and matched, so that the length of each group is as consistent as possible. It should be adjusted so that the current difference between the two motors is no more than 15A.

3. The sand making machine adopts vehicle lubrication. Appropriate amount of grease is added every 400 hours of work. After 2000 hours of work, the main shaft assembly is opened to clean the bearing. Generally, it works for 7200 hours and replaces a new bearing.

The upper bearing of the main shaft assembly is the floating end, and the lower bearing is the fixed end. After assembly, the pulley should be flexible to rotate when pulled by hand. In the operation of the sand making machine, because the equipment is a high-speed equipment, special attention should be paid to safe production. Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, and repairs should be carried out after shutdown if the machine needs to be repaired. If there is a problem, it is recommended that you ask maintenance personnel to solve it. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the core components without permission from the factory.

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